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Egypt’s Natural Gas and Israel

There was another bomb attack yesterday on the natural gas pipeline that transports¬†1.7 billion cubic meters of Egypt’s natural gas to Israel every year for an estimated $200 million. That amounts to around 3% of Egypt’s total gas production, but … Continue reading

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Religion and Politics: Beyond the Muslim Brotherhood

The army-appointed interim Egyptian government issued legislation on Wednesday reaffirming the state’s long-standing ban on political parties defined by religious belief. Religious politics is alive and well in Egypt, but Fox News doesn’t quite have it right: the revolution has … Continue reading

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The Egyptian Constitution and Sovereignty

The hot topic in Egypt this week is the referendum on amendments to the 1971 constitution (here’s a full list from Reuters) scheduled for Saturday, March 19. It is remarkable that Egypt is having it’s first week with a burning … Continue reading

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The Durability of Lines in the Sand

I remember watching Lawrence of Arabia as a kid and always getting mad at the end when Mr. Dryden (played by the great Claude Rains) kicks Al-Awrence out of the negotiations with Faisal and into the world’s greatest historical footnote. … Continue reading

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Manufacturing Christian-Muslim Communalism

Lede: The Egyptian state exploits the newsmedia’s penchant for spectacle and artificial impartiality to get a probable anti-Christian police pogrom played off as “sectarian strife.” Journalists have a tough job, which is why editors who know less than they do … Continue reading

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A Walking Tour of Revolutionary Cairo (Photo Essay)

I left Cairo in a hurry on the morning of February 2, approximately 12 hours after receiving confirmed tickets at 4:30 am from an emergency evacuation company funded by group travel insurance from my university. I didn’t want to leave, … Continue reading

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Duelling Indicators: Egypt’s Economic Future

The state of Egypt’s economy is the subject of much debate these days. Although it is more sensitive to instability and negative international perceptions because tourism contributes eleven percent of its GDP, at a population of 80 million, Egypt is … Continue reading

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