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How Natural Gas Works in Egypt

Egypt’s former minister of petroleum from 1999-2011, Sameh Fahmy, has just been sentenced to 15 years in prison for his part in the export of Egypt’s natural gas to Israel. So has the alleged “holder of the keys of corruption,” … Continue reading

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Cairo Presidential Election Map: Shafiq’s Turf

Now things are getting interesting. Thanks to Evan Hill at Al-Jazeera Online who provided us all with his public spreadsheet of district-level results for the whole country on my Mursi post — I present you a map of the presidential … Continue reading

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The Sabbahi Shift: a.k.a. How Shafiq Almost Won

I am intrigued about the shift in vote shares from round one to round two in the Egyptian presidential election. In my post on round one of the elections, I made some speculative maps about voting coalitions for the second … Continue reading

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Muhammad Mursi’s Egypt: The Electoral Map

Finally! The map the MAN didn’t want you to see… I made this map over the course of last Monday, June 18, when Al-Ahram was making the voting returns announcements by governorate, as they did for the first round. But … Continue reading

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Then and Now: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Electoral Problem

The first cartoon, on the right, reads: Candidate — “I will build you irrigation canals and drains, I will distribute food and clothing and I will employ your sons, etc., etc.” Voters — “We’ve had enough of these promises.” The … Continue reading

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Is this the end of the Egyptian state of emergency?

State media have announced that the Supreme Council for the Armed Forces allowed Egypt’s constitutional state of emergency to expire on Thursday, May 31, 2012. This decision came after a week of pressure in parliament and from NGOs like Human … Continue reading

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