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Umm ad-Dunya

Sisi: Year Three (Links)

By no coincidence, the assassination of Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat on June 29 marks the first anniversary of ʿAbd Al-Fattah Al-Sisi assuming the presidency and the second anniversary of the protest movement and coup that brought the former Army general … Continue reading

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A Metro to Nowhere

I am a bit of a railfan, and I have been following the development of the Cairo Metro system since first living in Egypt ten years ago. Better public transportation is desperately needed in Cairo, as the cost of long … Continue reading

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Allenby Effigies

From Youm7 and Egyptian Chronicles (see video!) I am reminded today of Port Said’s tradition of burning effigies of hated political figures on Sham el-Nassim, a spring festival the Monday after Easter celebrated as a national holiday in Egypt. The … Continue reading

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Rule of Photo-Ops and the Divine Right (Hand Side).

I have been waiting to write about the coup in Egypt in the past week, because such an unexpected and confusing event makes for bad snap-punditry. (My word choice here — “coup” — is one of the central, but inane, … Continue reading

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Egyptian Anti-Shiʿa Sentiment on the Rise: 5 Killed in Giza Attack

Egyptian newspaper Al-Dustur (The Constitution) reports that a fifth person has died after a crowd attack on Sunday on a house in the Giza village of Zawyat Abu Musalam where Shiʿa leader Hassan Shahata was conducting religious services. Shahata was … Continue reading

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Security For All — Coming Soon to Satellite!

Interior Minister Ahmad Gamal Eddin has announced the ministry’s intention to launch a satellite television channel. The Ministry of Interior is still recovering from a collapse of bureaucratic morale from the breaking of the Central Security Forces (al-Amn al-Markazi) on … Continue reading

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Egypt Presidential Election Maps: Upper Egypt Districts Part Two

Here are the final independent segments of my map of the Egyptian Presidential Election final round held on June 16-17, in which Muhammad Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood won over former Air Force General and Mubarak’s last Prime Minister Ahmad … Continue reading

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