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Sisi: Year Three (Links)

By no coincidence, the assassination of Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat on June 29 marks the first anniversary of ʿAbd Al-Fattah Al-Sisi assuming the presidency and the second anniversary of the protest movement and coup that brought the former Army general … Continue reading

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Egyptian Anti-Shiʿa Sentiment on the Rise: 5 Killed in Giza Attack

Egyptian newspaper Al-Dustur (The Constitution) reports that a fifth person has died after a crowd attack on Sunday on a house in the Giza village of Zawyat Abu Musalam where Shiʿa leader Hassan Shahata was conducting religious services. Shahata was … Continue reading

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Then and Now: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Electoral Problem

The first cartoon, on the right, reads: Candidate — “I will build you irrigation canals and drains, I will distribute food and clothing and I will employ your sons, etc., etc.” Voters — “We’ve had enough of these promises.” The … Continue reading

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Religion and Politics: Beyond the Muslim Brotherhood

The army-appointed interim Egyptian government issued legislation on Wednesday reaffirming the state’s long-standing ban on political parties defined by religious belief. Religious politics is alive and well in Egypt, but Fox News doesn’t quite have it right: the revolution has … Continue reading

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Manufacturing Christian-Muslim Communalism

Lede: The Egyptian state exploits the newsmedia’s penchant for spectacle and artificial impartiality to get a probable anti-Christian police pogrom played off as “sectarian strife.” Journalists have a tough job, which is why editors who know less than they do … Continue reading

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