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A Metro to Nowhere

I am a bit of a railfan, and I have been following the development of the Cairo Metro system since first living in Egypt ten years ago. Better public transportation is desperately needed in Cairo, as the cost of long … Continue reading

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Security For All — Coming Soon to Satellite!

Interior Minister Ahmad Gamal Eddin has announced the ministry’s intention to launch a satellite television channel. The Ministry of Interior is still recovering from a collapse of bureaucratic morale from the breaking of the Central Security Forces (al-Amn al-Markazi) on … Continue reading

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The New Fun-Pak-Sized Egyptian Emergency Law: Mekki

Egyptian Justice Minister Ahmad Mekki told Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida on Monday the Egyptian government is in the process of writing a new emergency law. (Egypt Independent has the story in English). He said it would allow the president to declare … Continue reading

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Egypt Presidential Election Maps: Upper Egypt Districts Part Two

Here are the final independent segments of my map of the Egyptian Presidential Election final round held on June 16-17, in which Muhammad Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood won over former Air Force General and Mubarak’s last Prime Minister Ahmad … Continue reading

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A First Look at First Round Egypt Presidential Election District Results

I’m excited to report that I’m now working with a full set of data from the first round of the Egyptian presidential election at the district (qism and markaz) level, thanks to assistance from Hamdy Khalil, CTO of eSpace, the … Continue reading

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Ramadan Karim! The Military has your Beef.

This is the first in an occasional series about the state of the security state in Egypt, denoted by the kicker at right. How safe is your meat? I bet it is not as safe as the meat for sale … Continue reading

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Upper Egypt Presidential Election Maps Part I: Al-Fayoum, Bani Suef, Al-Minya

Here’s the first of three installments of my markaz-and-qism presidential elections result map for Upper Egypt. It will be easier to serve the map up in pieces because the Nile Valley south of Cairo is elongated and an awkward shape, … Continue reading

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